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    Default Custom Cover for 97-00 Moomba

    I work for Overton's in Raleigh, NC and just wanted to post that we have a custom cover designed for a 97-00 Moomba Kanga CB/Mobius BR/Outback BR I/B It covers the swim platform. This cover is made by Westland and is in new condition in box. This cover retails on our website for $299.99 but I could sell for $199.99 to blow thru....If you'd like to look at the style go to and in the search engine enter 71001

    I can be reached at with any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed G View Post
    you know Kevin, when your company was asked to donate to the Florida annual Supra/Moomba Owners jamborees, they wouldn't even give up as much as on Overton's sticker.

    Now your on the Moomba boards mooching free advertising.

    I see a problem with this picture.

    We Moomba owners tend to support those who support us.

    Atlanta jamboree is coming up...

    your company donating a wakeboard with bindings, for kids, would be a nice thing to do.
    Heck, went i wrote a email to them about donations i did not even get a note back
    Hey, Its Moomba time

    Its all about the dash - enjoy the dash, as that is your time between the dates
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    Once upon a time that name meant something in watersports. Now it's just a catalog like all the other ones with no personal touch. They just shipped me the wrong product and admitted they don't actually have the right one that was advertised. Booo.
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