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    Quote Originally Posted by larry_arizona View Post
    For $16 more sure. Iridiums will last longer, won’t get you anything more than longer service life.

    Question is, will you go more than 300 hours if you install iridium’s?

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    Probably not longer. The boat is well past 300hrs now and I have no idea if the previous owner(s) ever had them serviced. Boat has ran great all season, just my peace of mind knowing there are replaced.

    I'm not expecting any type of performance gains or some voodoo that improves to 10 GPH when surfing. But for $16.....just didn't know if it was worth it.
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    I changed all of mine out as my hours are unknown( stuck at 250 on hour meter) until dealer resets my hours on there. They werent burnt up or electrodes worn out but semed to show some good use. Leaves me the last 2 prohects which are the trans and v drive oils. I wouldn't bother with iridium plugs unless you got a smokin deal on them.
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    Talking Thanks

    Thanks for the detailed instructions with the all important photos.

    I have no mechanical skills but I'll do "easy" things like this if there are clear instructions with photos!

    One less thing to tow into the dealer to do!

    You saved me a lot of time and money.


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