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    I just bought a PELA 6000 oil extractor to change my oil.Can anyone give me some helpful advice on the easiest way to change the oil for a 1st timer? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Warm the engine up so it flows a little faster. My boat has a rubber how with a brass cap on it that goes down to the drain on the pan and I insert my Pela 6000 hose here instead of trying to ram it down the dip stick hole.

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    If you use the bottom drain, don't forget to open the fill cap or pull the dipstick out so it will actually let the oil out the bottom. It's pretty easy, I've done thru the dipstick before. When you pull your oil filter off, surround it with a gallon size ziplock so you don't get oil in the engine compartment when it comes off.
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    DO NOT SUCTION OUT THE OIL THROUGH THE DIP STICK!!!!!!!! I did it and the hose got stuck and was the biggest pain in the A@# to get out. just warm up the engine and then put the extraction hose down the hose with the brass cap to suck out the oil. Like redfive48 said, put a big zip lock around the oil filter, it works great. Have a bunch of rags handy just in case. It is easy.
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    I worry about that every time I do it. I almost lost my extraction hose in there a couple of times.
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