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    Default ballast on swim plataform


    Has some one try putting a fat sac on the swim plataform, I saw a MC with a sac on the plataform and it seem to me like a good idea for saving seating space, but I wonder if my 1998 mobius can support a sac on the plataform and if it does, how heavy can it be.


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    A few years ago there was a company selling hard tanks that mounted under the swim platform but I have never seen a fat sac on top of the platform. I would think that would be as big a pain in the but as if it were on the floor in the boat? Just my .02
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    There is currently a thread over on about this issue. I also saw a mc with a hard tank under the platform. Kind of looked stupid...

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    I don't know that I'd do it. The only thing i like to see on the swim platform is q. teez.
    But not really talking from experience ('cept the q.t.'s). They may work great. But if you get a couple hunnerd lbs hanging on the platform then add a couple ppl suiting up, w/o reinforcing the mounts, could be trubble.
    hope this heps
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    Rosh, I remember seeing that setup somewhere. Iím not so sure that it would work as the platform is mounted from the factory. If memory serves me correct there or 3 or 4 screws holding each platform bracket to the transom. To me this seems like problem waiting to happen.

    Like Butta said, I think you could get away with it if the brackets where through bolted and plated on the inside of the transom.

    Good Luck, E

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