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    The removable swim platform on my 2000 Mobius V always comes loose. The removable system sucks -- only one small pin opening location to hold the platform on each side. I have tried an assortment of pins, screws, etc. -- they all seem to come loose after a day or two, particularly when I am using the ballast. Any suggestions?
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    Default swim platform

    I have a 2001 mobius. I have not had any problems with it coming loose. I use the pins that came with the boat.
    They have a spring loaded lock on them.
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    Default Platform

    I have a 2001 Mobius V and I have never had a problem with the platform coming loose when I didn't want it to.

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    Default Swim Platform

    My fiance' has a 2000 Mobius V. Last year the swim platform fell off, It is secure, and I use that term loosly, by self tapping screws. They ended up replacing the entire transit to fix the platform. The sun deck still comes off regulary. However, with 3600 lbs. of sacs, it throws a hell of a wake.

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