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that would be my last option just due to possible vandalism or theft of boat or items in boat.
Eh, I live in a pretty low crime area. I know anything is possible, but that's the least of my concern. Shoot, right now my boat is on the hoist on my lake lot, and there's nothing between it and the street because it's just an easement on the water. I have my trailer there, tubes on the trailer, life jackets, gas cans, deck box with a ton of stuff in it, jetskis, boards...no problems ever.

Although there's been a new development too...the lake I'm on is completely private, there's no public access at all. It's literally the best lake I've ever been on. I am not happy at all about moving off of it and going back to using public lakes. Anyway, my new neighbor that just bought a house on the water a couple months ago came surfing with me last night. There's a house by his that has an easement on the water that's adjacent to his land. He said the guy wants to sell the easement and offered to sell it to him. We're going to make an offer to him and split it...if so then who cares where my wife wants to buy a house, I'll still have my boat on the hoist on my lake! The house we offered on is about 5 minutes away from the lake I'm on now, so it wouldn't be bad at all plus no trailering every day lol.