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    Default DIY Ballast Pump

    Looking for a quick option to put together a ballast pump for a couple fat sacs. Before I plumb anything in, I am going to take out a couple 400 lb ballast bags that I have laying around to test the surf wake with the bags in different locations. Just wondering if I can pickup a pump from walmart and some quick connect fittings from a depot or something. I would get it from wakemakers, but need it by tomorrow so I can head to the lake.

    Once I get them dialed in, I will plumb into my factory system, just don't want to start cutting into stuff until I know for sure.

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    The problem if I remember is the Tsunami pump uses a 1 1/8" connection you can't find at HD or Lowe's. Anyone remember this? I once sanded down the bottom threads on one of these to make a lip that would take a 1" hose and a clamp.

    Later found out about this connector:

    More info here:

    Make sure you know what you are getting and how it connects. Avoid 1 1/8" if you can.
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    you will need this as well to quick connect.

    there's is one posted her in the classifieds for 75 bucks, buy it will save $$$
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    you can heat the hose up and force it on the coupling

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