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Inside tire wear is definitely a sign of a bent spindle or axle. These often occur when your trailer slips off the end of the cement pad while pulling your loaded trailer out. The impact doesn't have to seem that hard to bend things a little. Once your tire has most of the weight on that inside edge, they don't last long before they fail.
I'm sure this is true Peter, but it seems odd that the way it appears this more often than not happens with torsion axles on our Boatmate trailers. I had previous boats and trailers and never had an issue like this. I cannot specifically remember running my trailer off the end of a ramp or over anything else for that matter. I had the dealer check it as well after the first tire wore so quickly and they said it looked good.

After 3 tires wearing crazy on the same side and swapping rims from side to side, I'm pretty sure it is definitely an issue with that side of my trailer. Just seems to coincidental that we all have this issue on torsion axles. Are they just more prone to being bent or out of alignment? They don't seem to have much alignment capabilities.