I'd say about 70% of the time we go out, I have issues with my empty pumps on my ballast bags, more often than not the rear sacks. It seems they get air locked often, and I have hassle with them to get them to finall pump (flipping the switch numerous times, jockying the bags around, etc).

I did replace the factory Rule pumps with Tsunami pumps, but that didn't seem to solve the problem - it went from 80% of the time to 70% with the air lock issue. The pumps are below the bags, in the same location as the stock pumps. The drain lines aren't kinked at all either. Once I do get them to pump, they pump very well - it's just getting them to pump that is the issue.

I do drain the bags completely once I get home (if there's any water left in them), and sometimes completely remove them to help with drying the carpet out in the rear compartments, and suck out any water that is stuck in the ski locker.

I don't have any issues wth fill or drain times, so I am not yet ready to go the route of replacing the entire system with reversible pumps, though I probably should.

Have any of your guys with stock or close to stock ballast systems had this issue? If so, is there anything that you that helped with it??

Appreciate any info.