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    Your description sounds exactly right on the setup. As for filling with it nose high to let the air out, I suppose that will work.

    I have the fittings you need, 4 of them actually and 4 of the W742 quick disconnects too if you want them. Heck even the 3/4" T fitting and a bag of hose clamps. (T or Y - either should work). Had offered these up on the Christmas giving list but no takers.

    PM me where you want them to go!
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    Kane I have some extra 3/4 oem hose . I also have a couple flow rite quick connect male 3/4, not the fly high brand.They work fine for vents but not under pressure.
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    Thanks, fellas. Sent a PM to each of you. I'll take care of you. Joe can vouch for me on that one.
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