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    Depending on what you want the boat to do ,you may want to rethink slightly. If ,but you never mentioned it...want to waterski then the Outback may be the better boat to go with. Its considered MOOMBA Cross over boat. As for the stereo,if you are not allowed to delete this option,you may want to order ,the most basic version as MOST people change out and upgrade the stock systems. SEE audio section ,for advice and suggestions etc.
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    Default Grey and Black 2011 LSV

    Quote Originally Posted by halotiger View Post
    Thanks for the input. I agree on the R20 feeling tiny. A better comparison is probably the OBV, which is a far better deal. I am really leaning towards the LSV. Dollar for dollar there doesn't seem to be anything even close. Any opinions on color? I really like greys, blacks, whites, and maybe a splash of blue. My concern with a dark main panel is keeping it looking clean. I would love to see a picture of a platinum or grey boat. The website view of colors doesn't give a great perspective. How about the speaker options? Is the price upgrade justifiable?

    I love my LSV! great for surfing with 750's in rear....colours on my boat are grey and black....thinking of taking the splash sticker off this summer....... so if you want check it out might give you a better idea....just look in my photo album.
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