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    Quote Originally Posted by kaneboats View Post
    I've never understood why someone's signature has any value. Maybe a guy like John Hancock, but Parks? I mean, I respect his wakeboarding career achievements but that doesn't make me want his signature or anything else from the guy. To each his own I guess. If he sat next to me in a restaurant I wouldn't save his water glass to keep his fingerprints (more unique than a signature) either.
    Kane, That's how I feel about it. I bought the board to ride. He happened to be at the boat show where I purchased it and thought it would be cool to have his signature. I can't afford to by another board to ride just because it has his signature on it.

    By the way he was a cool guy and completely down to earth. He would have sat and talked to me all night if I had the time.
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    Had a roommate one time whose most prized possession was a cocktail napkin bearing the autographs of all the members of the legendary band --- wait for it -- Night Ranger!!!!!! (Remember "Sister Christian"?) That was maybe when it started for me. Don't get me started on gold or diamonds --I have a whole separate rant about why these are valuable in modern society-- I mean, why are they valuable? It's cuz they're SHINY! Kinda primitive if you ask me.
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