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    Default Winterizing concern

    For the past 3 years I have been able to keep my boats inside of a friends barn, and although not heated, it was protecting it from the elements. This year I have my LSV tucked away at my mother in-laws house, tightly covered up with the batteries out, and all seat cushions sitting in my garage. Up until this point we have not had a terrible winter - no real snow or anything, just temps dipping pretty low for a few days (talking 0 - 10 degrees). I winterized the LSV the same way I did with my Malibu last year, but I keep worrying about it this year (likely since the boat is a decent drive away from me this year). This is what I did -

    -Drained the block by removing the plugs
    -Drained the water out of the Vdrive by pulling two plugs
    -Drained exhaust by separating the hose connecting the manifolds and letting the water run out
    -Disconnected the hoses running into the impeller housing
    -Pulled hoses from the tstat housing and dumped RV antifreeze through the hoses (to bypass the tstat).

    I'd say that pretty much wraps it up. I did have a ton of water drain from the block, and a ton from the manifolds. I also left the Antifreeze in, but I only used about ~2 gallons when pouring into the block. Also, I left the hoses going into the t-stat housing open for ventilation purposes. Do you guys think I have to worry having only used 2 gallons?
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