This is just a quick notice to potential customers of SeaDek. I just wanted to express my experience working with the company. I am not bashing or saying that they are a horrible organization as I only have one experience to reference my opinion (albeit unpleasant).

Here is what happened.

I ordered a new swim deck pad from SeaDek a month or so ago. I chose the Moomba Roo Logo 3 pc. and was very excited to get it. When it arrived it was missing the Roo. So I called them and they told me the reason for that was because I had not chosen the correct logo option from the selection box.

Now here is where we were at odds. I assumed that since the title of the product (both on the website and on my reciept) says "Moomba Roo Logo 3 pc" that it would contain the Moomba Roo Logo when it arrived. But since I did not choose the "Manufacturer's Logo" from the logo box it did not.

When I expressed that most people would assume that if they ordered a product that had the title of Moomba Roo Logo (and the product drawing on the web page contains the roo) they would think that is what they were getting without having to select to have the logo added. I had assumed this selection was for an additional logo (like the word "Moomba" somewhere) since the other option was to have a custom logo. SeaDek disagreed and said you could add your own logo if you wanted. My opinion is at that point it is no longer a "Moomba Roo Logo" product...They disagreed.

Now I am not here to tell people not to buy anything from them or say they are a bad company as that is not my way.

But, I am here to say that I would double/triple check what you are getting before you order and I would call them before you order and make sure what you are ordering is what you expect. Do it up front because after the fact it is too late.

For full disclosure...they did offer to sell me another one at a discount but that wasn't acceptable in my book because I don't think I should have to pay for something that isn't correct and why in the world would I want two pads?

So if someone would like to buy a "Moombe Roo Logo 3 pc" swim platform pad that is missing the Roo let me know.