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    Quote Originally Posted by chawk610 View Post
    Viking... maybe it would have been easier to list what you DON'T drink!
    yea i know........i think i missed a few so your probably right. Always like a good margarita, hot summer days Tangueray Rangpur and tonic, B&B sipper on Christmas eve when santa has to put together all the kids toys, ect..... What can I say, my dad passed on the traditions

    Quote Originally Posted by newty View Post
    Fish water... I'm going to have to try that!
    Chuck Norris, firefly lemonades? What are those?
    LMAO... kinda what I was thinking.
    Red Beers never did much for me but Orange Beers are the chit!!

    Chuck Norris - There are variations but this is Mine (Cherry Mcgillicuddy's, Vanilla McGillicuddy's, Liquid Ice Energy Drink, and a spash of 7)

    Firefly Lemonade - Firefly Vodka (sweet tea flavored infused vodka) and lemonade. It's like a spiked Arnold Palmer

    PS.....I've got the wife making her own vodka with jolly ranchers. Get the bottles from World Market and put flavored Jolly Ranchers in the bottom and fill it up with Vodka. Shake every 15min to disolve the candy and within a few hours you have flavor infused into the vodka. Cherry Cokes are great now
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