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    Default Suspended Tower Weight

    I was curious if anyone has upgraded their sound system, in particular their tower speakers. I was wanting to add 4 speakers and replace my existing 2 speakers on my tower. I was also wanting to add a light bar as well. My only concern is making sure I don't add too much weight to potential cause structural damage to tower, especially under the stress of towing a wakeboarder. I was wanting to put some subs up there, but the subs weight 30lbs each. Anyone know what the suspended weight limited on tower is?

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    Default MO' Noise

    R.F. I have seen some pretty rad set-ups, with no issues to the cage. To cofirm my allegations for sure, check with Matt Brown at Skiers Choice.Brian Raymond

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    Default Speakers

    Subs on a tower are like shoes on a duck. The bass does not travel like mids and highs. Talk to some stereo shops. For a speaker set up look at Mako or
    I have a light bar and 4 6x9 speaker in a fiberglass box and the sound is super. No stress problems for the tower.
    Hope i helped

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