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    Default Spring Projects

    2 major items on my list:

    1. Install Perfect Pass - I just ordered the basic RPM cruise system and plan to work on installation this weekend (will take some pics to share). We mainly slalom ski and with the adjustable Beede speedos this may fill the bill for me. If not I may add the Stargazer upgrade later this year.

    2. Stereo upgrade - I replaced stock speakers with DB651s last year. Lookn to upgrade head unit and possibly add an amplifier. Not settled on which head unit yet. Priority for me is getting rid of CDs on the boat. Like the systems w/USB capability to use thumbdrive vs. Ipod I think.
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    Besides reinstall all my ballast system i removed for winter.

    Have to reinstall most of the stereo.

    New amp rack x2
    New power distribution rack
    New power distro block with LED V readout < like Razzmans i expect >
    New Main fuse block for Amps
    Install all new Tower speakers
    Install new Xi 2500.1 amp
    Finaly Mount the sub to the floor < never did last year as i had to keep removing it to work on something >
    Rewire Depth Finder / Temp gauge
    Replumb Ballast system with additional pump
    Add Second drain pump and outlet for IBS bag
    Replacing Windshield tint
    Repainting Windshield framming. < Newty is helping >
    Build a wake board rack for the bed of my truck < got the idea from another member on here last year just never got to it >
    Install my FAE system once we get the new garage as it wont fit in my current one if i install it.
    Once new house is built and we move in i have to make board racks for the wall
    Making a rack to hold the swim platform

    I think that is it for this spring.
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    You guys are pretty ambitious. I changed out the impeller when I did my spring service; added 2 Exile SXT65's and an older Exile 600 amp for the tower; and added a Perko switch and a second battery. I think that's going to be it this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ian ashton View Post
    Silly Canadians...

    Lol... best hangover cure ever!!
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    my spring to do list consist of my entire exile upgrade which will begin in ONE week! im sure alot of you have been anxious to see this...and if not i dont care. ive been anxious to get it done

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    I had a big to-do list but I narrowed it down since it's already March...

    Install Exile sub enclosure & new sub (just waiting on new enclosure, first one got busted up in shipping.)
    Install Alpine m1000 amp to power new sub
    Replace all spa hose with ballast hose
    Wetsand a few board dings on the transom and polish the whole boat
    Repaint lower windshield frame and somehow secure those stupid snaps

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    Brain, please keep us in the loop as to how you go about securing those snaps. Them moving around and scratching the thin layer of paint off the window frame is bugging me. Not enough yet to make me remove the entire frame and re-paint, but, if I don't get them secured, it'll get to that point!!

    My only mod for this summer is going to be istalling an IBS, and upgrading my rear sacks to 750's. If anyone knows of someone looking to sell just ONE 750 sack, let me know!

    Oh, yeh, maybe install better speaker wire for my tower speakers, and clean up my modest stereo mod that I did last summer.

    The list will grow, I'm sure... though with baby #1 on the way, funds are going to get tight!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmandley View Post
    New Main fuse block for Amp

    Mike you won't need a fuse block, the Tsunami LED distro is also a fused block for each output lead, it uses ANL fuses up to 200a.
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeeg333 View Post
    though with baby #1 on the way, funds are going to get tight!!
    Congrats! I just bought a ring, so I'm trying to get as much done now as I can, haha!
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    Install new Ballast System with reversible pumps
    Install Interior LED lighting into the cup holders (Ian Ashton style) and LED speaker rings for the cabin speakers
    Install New Polk Audio speakers
    Install 3 Transom lights

    Once these are complete I'll probably move on to upgrading the stereo system.
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