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Thread: MP3's or CD's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razzman View Post

    Limewire was shutdown by a federal court injunction for unauthorized downloads. I seriously doubt anybody is going to pick up that stick with the feds hovering.
    seems to me that was the same statement after napster shut down, and then along came limewire.
    it'll be something else eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KG's Supra24 View Post
    Curious as to what ever one uses.

    Ipod/MP3 through headphone jack?
    Ipod through data connect cord?
    Ipod/MP3 through USB connection?
    Audio CD's?
    MP3 CD's?
    Music added to IPOD/MP3 from actual CD's?
    Music added to IPOD/MP3 from free downloads?
    Music added to IPOD/MP3 from purchased sites such as amazon or itunes?
    Great response from Phil by the way

    I've used a little bit of all of it. Mostly I-pod through front USB connection playing mp3s. Played some burned MP3 CD-R's as well as music CD's and streaming music from Pandora via Blackberry AUX in. Most of the time we are changing up the music year to year and out on the boat not really concerned about Studio Quality Sound. Yes, some songs will have lower volume (and less quality) and others will be extremely clear and loud in comparison but the music doesn't stop!! Used a music CD to tune the system and then it's whatever we want to play.

    On downloading - frostwire replaced limewire but starting to get alot of dead files now so probably search for an alternative. When you download "free" you get what you can and sometimes bitrate suffers. You get what you pay for

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    Mostly USB thumbdrive with mp3 files. Installed the MB Quart add on CD player but it has only been used in the driveway thus far. The CDs I use are either copies of the original or a bunch of wma or mp3 files. I prefer the USB drive as I can drop new mixes easier and cheaper than burning CDs. Tried the SanDisk mp3 player through 1/4 jack, that sucked.
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    ipod through the cd changer port so the output is fixed to the HU. sounds fine just need a better head unit. I use the Ipod headphone jack in the Burb (only option) sound is pretty close to a cd maybe a few decibles less but i hate carrying cd's.

    phil thanks for the comments
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    Phil, that is exactly the answer i was looking for and should be helpful to anyone reading. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KSmith View Post
    Tried the SanDisk mp3 player through 1/4 jack, that sucked.
    Uh, I think that's what I'm doing now. The cable I had was so bad I ordered a heavy duty one from monopriice. I think Santa's bringing me a little better player too. May have to try the IPOD with the real cable this year.
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