Mcdye, looks like you're in the clear, at least in the clear as far as the "hole" in the front of the ski locker.

I think it's interesting - we're 8 pages of posts into this issue, and not one word from SC? Even after they were notified about it, numerous times?? What gives man? I mean, sure, if the newer models are slightly different design, and appear to not have the issue, okay. But what about us with older boats, who are or could be experiencing this problem?

We on this board represent only a small portion of Moomba and Supra owners, so I can only imagine how many boats out there are seeing this issue. I could see, how Kane explained, that the extra room in the hull area will allow the water to expand and compress the foam without doing any damage, but, I am kind of under the impression that this foam is a rigid type, and not necessarily meant to be repeatedly compressed... and I also agree that I don't really want my hull to be the 'experiement'. Though, it saw freezing temps last winter in storage, and no obvious damage seen - but I am still not sure if I've got the issue yet. Though, obviously, 08's have it too.

**Correctiong - 9 pages of posts in!**