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    Quote Originally Posted by deerfield View Post
    Mybe I'm sick. I like the smell of gasoline vapor and exhaust. Even more I like the gurgle and roar from the exhaust pipes of an inboard engine. Am I alone?
    You're not alone. I like to hear the V8 and the Louder the better (to a point). A good tuned exhaust is music to my ears.
    And the fumes.........I'd tend to agree too but maybe the vapors are getting to us and making us fuzzy??

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    After much thought and deliberation I would be interested in a group buy for a FAE as well.

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    If anyone can expand on the quick release for the FAE I'd greatly appreciate it. I looked at their site but would like a personal review if anyone has used it with the quick release.

    One other question....we are strongly considering selling our boat (07 Outback) and going with a new or newer LSV. Would I be able to move it to the new boat or would I need a different one? Not that big of an issue, just curious.

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    As for moving it the main thing you need to look at is the width of the exhaust ports on the transom. Measure from the Center of each pipe, if its the same then yes no reason you cant. Also look and take some measurements on the swim decks since this is where the main brace is attached.

    Both boats should have the same Indmar engine and generaly the exhaust on Moombas are the same distance but doubl;e check it for sure. You might talk to the dealer you trade in he might give ya extra trade in for the FAE since they are becomming more popular.
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