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    Default Overheating and fuel pump

    I appreaciate any dirrection you can give me on this. I was out yesterday for the first time with my 98 Outback. Not the best start o the season. Had to replace the battery, overcome a fuel pump problem and now the boat is running hot. There are two questions I have. The fuel pump was not coming on when you turned the key. The boat would run for a couple of seconds and then die. I took a power line from the blower motor and basically hotwired the fuel pump so the day wasn't wasted. Then, as the afternoon progressed, the motor was running hot at 210 degrees, then all os a sudden, it would drop down to 170-175. It has never run that hot.

    Has anyone else had these two problems and how did you deal with them? Where is the sender relay for the fuel pump located?

    Thank you guys in advance for reading my posting and any help you can give me.

    Kirk Ney
    Havre de Grace, MD

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    Have you changed the impeller?

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    I had a similar problem when the water pump impeller went bad. It happened every time the boat was sitting still. When I was able to get the boat up on plane, enough water got forced up to the main pump to keep it cool. When I tried to let it idle, no water got sucked up into the system. The water in the fuel cooler got hot causing the engine to start vapor locking. The electric fuel pump wouldn't pump fuel to the throttle body. I could tell the fuel pump made a completely different sound than usual. I didn't really notice the water temp was that high but it did effect the fuel getting to the throttle body first. Once it got too hot, I couldn't get it to run long enough to get it back on plane to get back to the boat ramp. I had to call a friend to tow me back. I changed the impeller and saved the rest of our 4th of July weekend. That reminds me that it's time to change that impeller again.

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    Thank you for the response. I will be changing the impeller and then the thermo. If that doesn't fix the problem, I will have my marina tech take a look.

    Thank you again....


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    Definitely the impellar - IMHO. My 330HPO did the same thing, and the blades were just "worn" not missing.

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