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    Default I re-did my interior speaker mounds...

    I ordered my Outback without a radio becasue I didn't like the factory speaker location. When I took delivery I through togather some quick mounts, and haven't done anything with them. On Saturday I finally got sick of looking at the cheezy speaker box carpet, so on the way home from the lake I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics and picked up a yard of Marine Vinyl to re-cover the mounts.




    I also reinforched so they don't flex as much (they would move quite a bit when under way) and remounted my LED light bars closer to the bottom of the mounts (previously they were mounted really high, and didn't shine down very well)

    Overall I'm really happy with how it looks, much cleaner. The next project is going to be fiberglassing and re-covering the sub box under the dash.
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    very nice job...

    when ya coming over to do mine?
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    Very nice. That looks a lot better.
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