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    Default horsepower on 1992 Boomerang

    Hi, everybody. I recently purchased a 1992 Boomerang and thought this would be a good place to find help and information about the boat. The boat has a carbeurated 351 PCM motor, and I think the previous owner said it was rated at 220 HP. I have ran the boat several times, and I am pleased with its performance. But, I feel like you can never have too much horsepower. Has anyone on this board had any experience modifying this motor? I am very familiar with the small block Ford when installed in cars, but I don't have much inboard boat experience. I know commonly available aluminum heads from Trick Flow, Edelbrock, etc and a different intake and cam would make substantially more power, but would it make much difference in the performance of the boat. I have just had several people tell me it wouldn't be very noticeable on the water. I would like the boat to pull a little better when getting up slalom skiers and maybe run a few mph faster on top. Thanks for any information you can give me.

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    You would want to check the HP rating of the transmission early in this process to see if it can handle more power.

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