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    I placed an order from wakemakers last saturday, received a tracking number on monday and just received my order today, one week later. My order consisted of 3 bags, 1 pump, and an extra fitting. I am happy with the order, but I will say I can't comment on the customer service part because I never needed to contact them with any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post

    Thought just came to me as I read zegm's post: I use a ceiling mounted bicycle lift to get the kids kyak off the dock & out of the way. It was easy to install and works great. Maybe you can use something like this:
    Thats pretty slick man.

    Zegm - my ceiling is unfinished i strap my tower to it when the boat is in the garage right now so i can sit in the boat and clean it or work on things like upgrades. i will have to consider that bungee over the sun deck, that might work out pretty decent.

    If not im going to look into the bike rack / lift idea.
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