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    Razz, on your blue seas system and acr when in the off position , is everything in the boat "off" or just the starting battery isloation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Razzman View Post
    Sorry guys, actually had stuff to do!

    Lance, i don't know what the dealer is telling you but trickling batt 2 periodically will result in a dead batt for sure. This is a prime example of why i hate these systems!

    First off i've found the "factory" dual batt setup varies by dealer, it's how they "best" determine a dual batt setup should be! Unbelievable but true!

    Second they all use that darn Perko switch which is such a pain to use! "Ooops! Excuse me but can you get your big butt off the seat? I have to switch batts!" Not a good scenario ten times a day or everytime you float and want to play your tunes! Add moving peeps to get to the cooler and your playing musical cushions all day!

    Mine had it and i gutted it in favor of an ACR system or Automatic Charging Relay from Blue Sea Systems, Specifically their 7650 Add A Battery kit. There are many alternatives but this system has a switch that is OFF/ON/COMBINED and that's it! Turn to ON at beginning of day and OFF when you come off the water. COMBINED for emergency combining of both batts to start. Simple,Clean and Reliable. Period!

    I will swear by this system all day long. I know there's other ways to do it but none are as easy as this imo. Your batts stay charged and you'll not worry about it anymore.

    Oh yeah, you only have to move that person twice!

    Quick question. If you have it switched to ON, does the ACR charge both batteries or do you need to put it on Combined?

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