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    I hear Skier's Choice is doing an awesome business on this years boat show circuit. I heard the competition is looking over their shoulder with a worried look. Will Skiers Choice be able to keep up with the demand and deliver ordered boats on time as promised with uncompromised quality? Any start-up concerns with new production facility?


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    Hi Ballast Bob. We have been at our new facility since August, and sure moving a factory is no small undertaking. Fortunatley we had Danny Welshan (VP of Operations) and he has done it once before. He was in charge of the move at MasterCraft from Benfield to the Sea Ray plant in Vonore. I won't go through all the details but we spent months getting the building ready, so when we were ready to move it was all set up for production. We got a state of the art air make-up system, 4 brand new gel coat booths, and all kinds of other new equipment that will improve quality. When we moved here we didn't move with the intention of going up in production. We moved with the intention of increasing effeciencies, which will lead to a better quality boat. As far as your question about us keeping up with demand we will do our best to help people get their boats. When there is a sold boat ordered we do our best to move it up in the schedule when ever there is a chance. I will say this the closer it gets to spring the longer customers are going to wait for boats. Customers who have ordered their boats at the shows this winter shouldn't have any problem getting them by spring. If a customer waits until april he or she might miss some good weather.

    See ya,

    Jay Warren
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    Just a question out of curiosity. At the end of the 3rd QTR 2002 Skier's Choice was the fastest growing boat company and was #4 on the list for total sales. I have not seen any industry numbers since then and was wondering how the numbers shaped up for 2003, and how they are looking with the addition of the XLT. Thanks.

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    Just out of curiosity, how is Skier's Choice doing in sales? The last numbers I saw were from an industry report on this website from 3rd QTR 2002 in which Skier's Choice was number 4, but was the fastest growing company by a mile. Havn't seen anything since. I also imagine that the XLV is going to be a home run for this year.

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    I am waiting to pick up my boat sitting on the dealers show room but am waiting on the wake plate.04 Mob LSV.I guess the vendor is having trouble keeping up with demand.i hope they deliver soon because ski season is on for me now and I am boatless.

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