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    Default Zegm- did you see this?

    In the newsletter from our Indmar mechanic in Panama City, it said Jody just returned from Peru as boat support for the Junior World Championships. Later on it said Jody's next adventure will be the Moomba Masters (Australia) in early March. Wonder if anybody's heading down under for that?
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    Yeah Jody called me a couple of weeks ago and said he was going to be busy traveling. He is a certified "tow driver" and he gets paid to do this!!! What a job! Of course he does have to get dirty too! But you know business has to be slow this time of year and what a great way to make money in the Northern Hemisphere off season travel to where it is warm and go waterskiing and wakeboarding!

    Anyone who has a boat in the Pan Handle and needs any and all types of work contact Jody at Florida Inboards, he is Great!

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