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Open your ski locker in the center. Look to the left (driver side). The battery cables come through that section. It is not really closed off. At least that is how it is on mine. And yes, it is true, you need a free air sub woofer in order for this application to work. If not, you need an sub encloser.

Thanks. I stuck my head in the ski locker and looked toward's the driver's side and was able to see inside the ski locker. There are no obstructions that would prevent installation of the 10" sub but you are right - it certainly is not boxed in.

That enclosure looks good. Coul you have set it on top of the kick panel? Would there have been room?

So what makes a sub a "free air sub"? That is, how is it different than a regular sub?


Thanks for the pics. Looks good.