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    Default Simple question - are bindings specific to board by brand?

    I know the hole patterns on slalom skis are not all the same, so they won't match - but what about wakeboards?

    Would CWB bindings fit on a hyperlite board, or would I need to stick with hyperlite bindings?

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    Not to Hi-jack your thread or anything, but I was wondering the same thing........
    If Ronix bindings will fit other boards or if other brand bindings will fit Ronix boards...
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    I would think that they are all mostly interchangeable. We have 5 O'Brien boards with the following brand of bindings. The only issue is that sometimes the screws end up too short or too long and you have to make a trip to the hardware store for stainless bolts. Hope this helps

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    Most boards and binding are interchangeable. The only board and Binding I have seen that is different is the New Slingshot Wakeboard and Bindings. The mounting for these boards and Binding is more like snowboard bindings. Check them out.

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    I put CWB bindings on my Hyperlite Motive last summer. They bolted right on. The CWB bindings are absolutely awesome. I got one of the hinge models. I can't remember which exact style, but they are great. I actually am expecting a new Motive set-up to arrive on my front door tomorrow from the FedEx guy.

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