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    Has anyone ski on a Radar Annex, the step down from the MDP. I have always ski on a HO I'm intrested in a step up. I'm looking at this or a older Monza ( maybe 2006)

    Thanks for the help

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    Never been on a Radar, but if you're looking toward higher performance like a Monza, check out the system 8. It's supposed to be a little heavier and softer, but cheaper than the Monza.

    I ski on an older 2004 HO Phanton Truth.
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    I have a System 8 and I love it! I had a Monza before that and it was crazy fast and not forgiving! Or I wasn't good enough to ski on it. I got the System 8 in January and I skied on it for the first time in Febuary, I had a personal best that day after not skiing for 4 months. I agree the System 8 is the way to go. About the Radar, check out they will help you out with info about any ski you are interested in.

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