ok..Brian. is it transferrable or not?
i just got a email from rloucks@skierschoice.com and he says that there is no transfer of warranty on the moomba hull.... i thought it was transferrable..per your post.... whats the deal is this guy misinformed?..my seller of the 2002 LSV has the "platinum 3 year warranty" which is supposed to be transferrable with a fee... like $200 or something... is he trying to tell me that moomba wont back up their product after a year if the original owner sells the boat if there is 2 more years left on the 3 yr warranty?.. and whats with the supposed cost of $ 200 it doenst cost Skiers Choice anything.. and the warranty would still be good if the original owner took it in... at 2 years 364 days... so why does it cost $$$$$ to move a name on a piece of paper???.. i dont mind a little cost for admin fees but come on..