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    How late into the summer, early fall do you usually wakeboard? I'm up in Minnesota and it starts to get cold in October, but a friend of mine wakeboards up until the lakes freeze over... seems a little late to me, I've never gone in that cold of water but wouldn't it affect your ability to ride?

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    Holy cow is that picture large (and awesome)! I've ridden into October in Wisconsin but when the water gets in the 50's the falls seem to hurt a lot more. You also you have limited mobility in the wetsuit. But, I'll go as long as I can since the water is awesome - no other boats!!

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    Ya, thats a big pic...and whats up with those shorts???? Something Richard Simmons would wear
    Contrary to popular belief, a boat does not run on "Thank Yous"

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    Please resize the pic and put it in the text, not your avitar.


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