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    Default Crash Pic :Learnin' Pic posting & Boardin'

    I am not very computer saavy, but I'm trying to figure out posting pics. If it works you should see how not to complete a maneuver. The Bad news: misjudged the approach/takeoff/spin/grab/rotation....Good news: the water was undamaged and my friend actually landed. Feel free if you want share a crash photo. Thanks for understanding during my many learning curves.

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    For your humor:

    I don't have any crash photos, but this is a brief montage of Crashes from last fall... I took fins off one day and got froggy! Paid for it too! Face Plant, Back plant....

    Enjoy at my expense...

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    Shot with Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL at 2007-07-04

    This is just me saying "OH #%@!" . All I'm trying to do is jump the wake and this happened
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    Here is a pic of my buddy T-Lo doing a Toeside front roll with his timing waaaaayyyy off! He is close to landing these, but this is one he wishes he could take back!!

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