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    I hear you on the snow, I am getting sick of shoveling but hopefully Chestermere starts to thaw here shortly for you. Out of curiosity as I have been following your posts for a while (always love seeing fellow Alberta crew posts) are you planning to change your prop out with the extra weight you are adding? I am curious what you think of that prop on your boat with the extra weight when you get a chance to test it out as I have the same one on smaller Mondo and it leaves a bit to be desired when loaded with people and extra ballast (ran at least 1k over stock plus people at over 2800' in elevation) and am hoping the new lower pitched prop I ordered addresses that and lets the engine work a little less hard. Looking forward to hearing your updates once the ice leaves and you can get out with the crew at Martin and a bunch of lead.
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    With all of the moisture this winter I heard a rumour that by late April they may start filling up chestermere….

    The prop I have now is the altitude/wake 15.5 x 15, and at some point there will have to be a line of diminishing returns with the weight…. Though I have been counting on some forgiveness with the ‘big boat and small crew’ situation I am in…. But that being said, if i find that the desired wake outcome is potentially being limited by the prop I will have to also head down that rabbit hole lol

    The Martin MS crew has been great, I am sure having experience with a not so awesome dealer (not just with boats, with anything) makes the great ones seem that much better!
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