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    2017 Mojo Raptor 400
    I got it out from storage today. Checking things over notice thereís no antifreeze in it. When I winterized it I changed oil. Thereís no antifreeze in oil or anything like that. I havenít started it yet but I plan on putting some in before I start it. It didnít get hot or anything when I winterized it either.

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    I assume you have a heater based on this info.
    Please check the heater box under the seat and then the pump under the transmission dog house.
    They are known to leak and they use the engine antifreeze circuit to create the heat.

    The floor would be sticky from the leak. Antifreeze leaves a residue after it drains.
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    Donít run the motor too long with low coolant.

    Grab a bottle of the right coolant, fill it up, and run it to see if you can find the leak.

    Mine had a slow leak on a heater fitting. Dealer even had an issue finding it. So the boat was usable, but would get low after a handful of trips.

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    Even better buy a vacuum filler. Creates a vacuum in your coolant system and helps you find the leak. Also I found out when I drained my system that when filling the raptor engine itís hard to get the air bubbles out. The vacuum filler fixes that problem.
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    Mine starts that way every season also, and once I add some, itís fine. When I start the boat, it sometimes ďburpsď back into the reservoir to a higher level also.

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