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    Default Question about post-winterization

    Planning to have some work done on our 2021 Mojo along with winterization but would then like to put it back on our lift at the marina for the winter. Does it have a raw water shutoff valve so it won't get water back in the engine if we put it back in the water and tow it around to the slip after it has been winterized?
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    Mine does 2015 MOJO. There are 4 ball valves, 1 for raw water by the V-drive and 3 for the ballast.
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    all of our last few boats have had exactly what hold describes including our last 2020 raptor motor.. I believe that to be nmma certified it has to have shutoffs on any thru-hulls that reside under the water but could be wrong.
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    There are valves for the through hull for the raw water Intake as well as the ballasts like stated above.

    Watch out for sharp hose clamps when reaching in and turning them off. One snagged me good last weekend

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