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    My dealer once asked if I would show someone my Craz. We ended up becoming friends and I see them at the lake all the time, LOL! They bought the Craz, then a new Supra.

    I ordered mine without ever seeing one in person, but it was so close to the mojo then that I didn't bat an eye over it.
    2018 Moomba Craz | Autowake 2.0, Zero-Off, G6 Pumps | Captain Blue/Dark Graphite/Silver Flake | Enzos + Lead

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    Quote Originally Posted by howardellis View Post
    I think instead of you going to order 2 theory boats at affordable prices, invest in an extra 100k boat because it will give you a completely new feeling. It is worth the experience but of course, the money will also be a lot.
    I agree with your opinion, you may be right when you say so.

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