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I am correct and I did give credit to the notes being from the tech, not your words. I felt the clarification was needed, in case someone got in there with a volt meter and was expecting to find "power" (12V+) on the LED's blue wire.


Unless RGB was a factory option on that year/model, then its unlikely the factory harness has a 4-con to each LED. If this was the case, then you would simply find the 4-con's termination point behind the helm, and remove the brue ground and attach the red ground and the color change is done. There would be no need to visit each LED's splice.

If I was going to do this, I would clip the factory 2-con off each LED and run my own 4-con to where I would mount the controller. This is much easier then trying to run a 2nd 2-con and then relocate the original factory 2-con to the controller location. The single color switch could then be used to power the controller on/off.
Yes. I understand exactly what you are talking about. I was hoping the techician response would have been just as you mentioned, about there being one location to change it at. I am sure you are right about there only being a 2 conductor wire if they had to visit each light to change it.

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