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    Default Craz Blade Graphic

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the blade graphic, or part of it? Dealer is probably the answer but likely more than I want to spend for this.

    Had an issue rubbing against another boat last season, really only need one piece.

    Side note, what’s up with all the exile bouys being out of stock? Possibly bad timing with everything going on..


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    Here you go

    WALIKI Hopper Ball for Kids 3-6 | Hippity Hop | Jumping Hopping Therapy Ball | Relay Races | Red 18”

    Same thing as Exile balls.

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    I would find a local graphics place they should be able to make a template and make a graphic for you, I would imagine this would be a much better cost effective approach, if you order from dealer I would bet you have to buy the entire side graphic

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    Sickpainter makes a good point. If you do get it that way, it may not match perfectly, but it may be cheaper to do both sides than get one side from the dealer. LEt us know whow it goes on an update, what you ended up doing. I've bounced around the idea of getting graphics on my boat but have not looked at prices yet.
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