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    Default Ride in Chop

    I'm new to inboards, having owned outboards and I/Os in the past, some deep V's and some modified V hulls. How does the Outback hull compare to other inboards? I've heard that Mastercrafts are the roughest, but have made improvements in ride in recent years.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
    1999 Outback

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    Default Chop

    I know that the new Outback, the '03, has a deeper keel to help the ride. I've had mine out in some rough water and it bounces pretty good, but not as much as some boats I've ridden in.

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    Default Ride Comfort in Chop

    Sorry, I should have made myself more clear...for cruising (not skiing) how does the Outback cut through chop compared to other makes/models of inboards (please don't compare to outboards or I/Os)

    Thought the models with the flattest wake also had the worst ride in chop?

    Just curious about others take on this is....
    1999 Outback

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