Just wanted to introduce myself and hope I am on the right forum. The Moomba forum looks more active to the newer model Supraís.

I am Larry Arizona from Oxford Michigan.

I am a horsepower junkie and been into GM LS powered for years. It took some convincing to shop a boat with a blue oval engine, but I think I will be ok, lol

Had boats and jet skis years ago and missed the water.

After MUCH research, I pulled the trigger on a 2018 Supra SA. Build date is in June and hope to have it in July.

Just wanted to say Hi and I look forward to learning a lot here.

1st question... where are all the engine and power upgrades for the 6.2L? Or is modding engines not a wake boat thing?

Call it a bad habit, but i canít help but want to install a cam (cams in this case), ported heads etc.....

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