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    Default Propeller question please advise

    Hi All

    we are based in South Africa and we boat at a small lake about 4300 Ft above sea level.

    we have a Moomba Mobius LSV 2005 model
    I am struggling a bit to get a few more miles out of my boat as my kids are now barefoot waterskiing.
    When towing a barfoot waterskier I am getting a max of 38 miles.

    I am currently running a 13.5 x 17.5 propeller ( 4 blade)
    What prop size / pitch would be ideal or what would be the std fitted propeller that should be used

    When we got the boat it was fitted with a 4 blade propeller size 13 x 15.5 which I still have but it had more torque but less speed

    I would really appreciate if you could direct me in the right direction.


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    If you can find an 18.5" pitch or higher it should get you the top end you're looking for.

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    I would start with this chart on the ACME site.

    You don't want to change the diameter much as you may have issues trailering if you go to a larger diameter. I would think something like the ACME 907 that is 13.5 x 19 would get you the top end you are seeking.

    It is available from Wakemakers but perhaps you can find somewhere closer. Also, your elevation may affect this so I would be tempted to contact Nettles or Wakemakers to verify that it will actually work at your elevation.
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    Great thank you will give that a bash

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