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    Default 2015 Moomba Mojo with auto surf 2.0 + 1000#'s of lead

    I bought a Mojo earlier this year I added 2.0 surf tabs and 1000#'s of lead. The wave is great but not a lot of push. If we have 6-8 people in the boat and move most of the to surf side push is much better. Any recommendations on different prop or more lead. I want to be able to surf if we only have a couple of people in the boat. I would love to hear what people who have this boat are doing.
    2015 Moomba Mojo 2.5 Surf Edition
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    Factory ballast up front
    800#'s Lead

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    Get a couple of external bags with the throw over the side pumps to sit onto the surf side seats to make up for the smaller crew. Thatís what I do.

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    I have the same boat. All I have is the Enzo's and upgraded tabs to 2.0 also. I get a great surf wave. Even if its just my daughter and I in the boat. I think it may be the board. You should have plenty of weight. I assume your boat came with 750 # bags in the rear like mine, you prolly have the center tank and IBS like mine did. All that + 1k# lead gets you 3500#'s. I have closer to 4k lbs with the Enzo's but still, should not be that much difference. Upgrade your rear bags to 1100#. I know I could add another 600# to my boat comfortably. I haven't upgraded prop but I think that would help. Go to a 13" pitch prop.
    ALso, make sure your IBS is filling with water and not air. I noticed that mine would fill up but when I checked it, the IBS was tense due to mostly air. When I start filling up ballast, after about 50%, I will go to bow and open the air release plug let out air and then let it fill. It does matter, you do not want to loose bow weight or your wave will be steep and short.
    I put both my surf tabs to 100% and the wake plate between 50-75% depending on rider. You can try adjusting your tabs from there down.
    But, all in all, consider the board may something to do with your problem, even 3500# should be surfable. I have an inland surfer which is a good board but when I use my brother in laws Phase 5 I can tell right away I can surf a few feet back further with ease.
    So, more weight, make sure IBS fully fills, Try tabs at 100% and adjust down, and consider the board you are using.
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