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    I upgraded from my spark to a mavic air. I can't say enough good things about the air. It has the 3 axis gimble, a hardwired connection between the controller and the phone (vs Wi-Fi on the spark), faster speed and better battery life. But it's still really small and compact and affordable.

    All in the refurbished fly more (with 3 batteries) was $800.

    And check out the size with my go pro 7 for reference. In that bag is everything (charging station, 3 batteries, drone, controller, extra cables and props).

    As far as landing, I catch mine and quickly turn it sideways to cut the engines.

    When I had the spark, there were a few things that I wished were better. The manic air addressed all of them and I am completely happy with no reason to "upgrade" any further.

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    I also recommend DJI Mavic, they are the best drones at the moment. Though they are a bit expensive, it's totally worth it.

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