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    Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone had ever had issues with a loose throttle handle that accelerated your speed when you hit big waves. My 08 lsv has been doing that and I couldn't see where to tighten it. Thanks

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    directly on the bottom of the handle is a set screw that holds the handle on. You need a small alan wrench to tighten it (sorry I can't remember what size). It is really hard to see, you almost have to get under it so see or use a small mirror. I don't know that that is your problem though. That only holds the handle from coming off. Sounds like your throttle is really easy to move and a big bump is enough to make it move on it's own. I'm not sure about fixing that.
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    Default Throttle

    Thats not the issue the OP is experiencing. I had the same issue on my 08 lsv. Basically, when you hit a wave, the force pushes the handle forward and accelerates the boat. Obviously, you can't just ignore it, as it will get out of control.

    I never figured it was something that could be adjusted, so just kept my finger wrapped around the throttle arm to keep it in place. Took some doing, but I figured it is what it is in rougher conditions. Made me really enjoy calm conditions more...
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    I'd be tempted to remove the handle and see if I could add a fiber washer or something to help tighten it up more.
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    Did you ever get the tension adjusted? I am having the same problem.

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    Did this procedure a month ago and makes a huge difference and a lot safer.
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