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    Default Wakesurfing setup for an LS

    Anyone have any suggestions for maximizing the wake on an LS? I have the rear Gravity II setup but no other ballasts.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I have an LS, but I haven't tried wakesurfing yet. (NO BOARD)!!! Most Wakeboard setups recommend 60% in back, and 40% up front. I plan on buying a 600lb bag for the back, and a 400lb bag for the walk through. I plan on taking the 400 lb bag and putting it in an "L" on whatever side the surfer is on. If anyone has a better plan, let me know.

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    I have an 03 LS. Last weekend i spent all weekend wakesurfing. We had factory ballast filled plus two 350# fat sacs on the side that you are surfing. With two people in the boat to help weigh down the boat. Works well, i can surf for a long time on this setup.

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    We just got back from our first Wake surfing trip. My boat has no factory ballast, so we stacked two 540 lb sacks on the side we surfed. A full gas tank also helped. Our experienced surfers were snapping off the top of the wake, and were doing floaters. It was really awesome.

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