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    I want to buy a depth finder for my 2001 Outback. I have a couple questions (any reccomendations which one to buy would be appreciated).

    1. The ones that I have been looking at require a 2inch hole in the dash. I could eithir drill a new hole or take out the Battery guage and use that hole. How diffficult is it to drill a new hole?

    3. Im a B minus on the handy man scale. Is installing a depth guage something i could do or should i have a dealer do it for me.

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    Default Depth gauge

    By no means pull the volt gauge, this is a visual indicator to determine if you have a battery going dead or overcharging due to a bad alternator or other issues with the charging system. I would stay with O.E.M. parts, if you feel uncomfortable with the install, check with your dealer for helpful hints on drilling and proper location. If still uncomfortable, have them do the install.Brian Raymond

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