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    Default Weighting an Outback

    i have a new outback and just wanted to get some ideas on how to weight it. right now i am just using the factory ballast and a 400lb sac on each side of the motor.

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    i have an outback LS not too much differnt. Have the factory and two 400s on each side of the motor same as you. But then around 450 lbs in the bow. Puts up a decent wake. I like it.

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    I have also added 2 400 pounders on each side of the engine and a 300 in the bow.

    the one in the bow is what seems to make the most difference. Remember the further down in the water the hull sits the more water that is displaced by the boat.. the bigger the wake.

    I find with this setup I have lots of control with the wakplater to help shape the wake too!
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    I use a 500lb in the back under the elevated bench, and two 250's in the bow if there are passengers. If there is only the driver and me the rider then I put one of the 250's in the bow and one at an angle between the observers seat and the engine cover. This balances really well. Im 34 and still hitting back rolls on my kneeboard with this set up. I have two more 250's still in the box that I want to try giving me up to 1500 pounds of ballast.

    This is what is so great about the Outback. When we are done boarding we head over to the slalom course and run into 32 off at 34mph all with the same boat. Enjoy your Outback... I have not read in here yet anyone that does not love the boat.
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    You mention using a sac under the seat. I just picked up a 04 Outback with NO factory ballast. What Sac fits under the back seat?

    madison, MS

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    What Sac are you putting under the back seat? Fat Sac brand? What Size(I know you said 500lb. but i was curious about measurements that fit under there.)


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    you can fit almost anything under the rear seat, I'm running the ProX 750lb bag under mine with2 of the Launch Pad XL blocks under the front seats. It totals just over 1000lbs. Every now and then I throw another 150lbs in the bow and a 275lb sac in the rear locker, it trows a really nice wake with that setup. Totals out at 1500lbs.

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