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    Default What type of engine?

    I have ordered a neew Mobius and have choosen the standard 310 carburated engine. I have been wondering if I should try to change my order to the 320 EFI engine? Is there a major difference? Is it worth the extra cost? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I run the 310HP motor and it works great. I didn't think it was worth the extra money. With the carburated motor you can modify a lot more things if you decide you are looking for more power. You do however lose on the fuel economy a little.
    2001 Mobius

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    I specifically requested an EFI engine for my Outback LS. EFI gives a smoother acceleration than carburated engines.

    2001 Moomba Outback LS w/tower, ballast and 320hp Indmar TBI. 4 blade prop, front and rear ballast

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    Default Engine choice

    We have the 310 carb. and have had no real problems. I have had to adjust the idle 1 time in three seasons, and that took all of 30 seconds. I can't justify the added cost for F.I.
    They may have smoother acceleration and the added economy, but for all out torque and pull a carb is a better choice. Plus a carb. is a lot cheeper to replace down the line if you ever have to replace one.

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