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    I have a 2009 Outback V.

    Love the boat, but it is small.

    6 people in the thing feels like a crowd.

    4 is perfect.

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    I have a 2012 Outback V with 3 kids 4 yrs old and under. We love it. We often go with family friends who also have 3 kids under 4 yrs old (total 4 adults, 6 young kids). I would recommend it without hesitation. We slalom, wakeboard, and surf, and the kids (4yr old and 2 yr old) ski on a trainer ski with me by their side on a kneeboard.

    The freeboard is much less than Mondo, but it is still plenty deep for complete safety. Kids need to be intentionally disobedient and reckless to put themselves in harms way - and that's when it is time to get off the water as opposed to wishing for more freeboard .

    (when the kids are exhausted from swimming etc. behavior disappears too and the smart move is to head in for naps. there is plenty of seat space on the boat for kids to nap, and if it is just our family, they will , but if friends are there no one wants to be the first kid to give in!)

    We bring a ton of stuff on the water, as you may expect with 3-6 little kids and doing each of slalom, wakeboard, surf and kids skiing each day. I've added aftermarket waterski racks for my and my wife's slalom skis; the wakeboards fit in the factory rack, and the rest stows in the rear lockers.

    Slalom: I went OBV because I grew up a slalom skier. It is an excellent slalom boat; pretty much competition ready.

    Wakeboard: Filling up our 2000lb of fat sac ballast (aftermarket), we've towed guys who can throw all the cool stuff behind our OBV - scarecrow, back roll, front flip, raley, tantrum, etc.

    Surf: reconfigure the ballast into gangsta lean mode and you have a legit surf wake. Free-surfing on a good board is no sweat, although it is not a 'long pocket'. Surfing is where the OBVs is 'least good', so if you want air and to spin 3s, you'll be disappointed. if you just want to ride, you won't be wanting for anything

    Kids / Beginners: With no ballast, the OBV has a very friendly wake and has to be the boat of choice for first timers on trainer skis, water skis, slalom, kneeboard, or wakeboard. Even at low speeds, the wake is non-intimidating.

    Value: the boat per dollar you get with the OBV is phenomenal. I have aspirations to upgrade to a Supra SA one day, and that shopping process has really highlighted the extreme capability the OBV offers at basically the lowest price wake boat on the market. It is the lowest price, does everything very well, and for us has been a very solid and reliable machine. Zero issues in 3 seasons / 120 hrs of use.

    Features: Must haves include swim platform, bimini, tandem axle trailer, and GPS cruise control. A sub and tower speakers are good add-ons too, but can be done at any time. the aforementioned items need to be ordered from day one. Don't underestimate the value of tandem axle trailer either. they'll tell you it is a small boat and one axle is sufficient (which it is) but tandem means you never bounce hard over potholes, and I mean never. same goes for Mondo.

    If I were to do it all again:
    I would have stepped up to the LSV. From my first hand experience, the LSV does everything the OBV does, but gives you a bit of extra space. your lake rules put the nix on the LSV, but I wanted to be entirely honest .

    If I were to do it now:
    I would absolutely take the Mondo for a test drive to see and preferably ride the slalom wake. I would also want to see how soft you can make the wake at low speed for beginners, especially since you have a couple of up and coming skiers/boarders with you.

    I wish...
    - I had a better surf wake. Mondo will give you that, especially with the Moomba Flow.
    - My ballast system was automated...but that is a Supra v Moomba issue, not Mondo v OBV (hence my desire for the SA one day, which even at 22' lays down a very nice flat slalom wake at 32mph and no ballast). FYI you will need aftermarket ballast to some extent for great surfing and wakeboarding with either boat. I think 2000lb really is the magic number for great wakes (for both sports) and the Gravity III falls short of that for either boat. Maybe the Mondo can even handle more?

    The freeboard debate....
    - It DOES improve surfing capability for sure
    - It DOES allow for higher seats which makes the driver seat notably easier to get in and out of
    - It DOES give a drier ride which is of course nice
    - It IS NOT the determining factor for safety of your kids...that is your job

    Bottom line:
    - OBV and Mondo are both solid, reliable, capable, and good looking (in my opinion)
    - Supra and Moomba prioritize building multi-function boats (ie ski / wakeboard / surf) as opposed to focussing on singular sport specialisation, so in my opinion you are looking at the right brand
    - Moomba boat per dollar value is tremendous
    - there are fewer OBVs out there, especially compared to LSVs, so lets be honest: smaller resale market (your size limit on your lake may create a local market for you though)
    - functionally I think the decision point is really about the wake for slalom and at beginner speeds, and how important that is to you.
    - style...let's be honest here too: you need to like your boat a lot, right from when you set eyes on it on the showroom floor. if you say to heck with all the foregoing and just buy the one that looks best to you, you'll still be happy
    - need to feel like you're getting a good deal too...price is forgotten over time (as long as you don't break the bank!) whereas having a boat you don't quite like never goes away!

    Best of Luck...sorry if I've rambled on...boat shopping is about my favorite thing in the world though, right next to actually being on the water! Let me know if you have any questions on my ramblings above, and good luck!!!

    PS - the boat and love of water is the best gift we've given our sets their imaginations and ambitions free in a way that cannot otherwise be done...and I am proof it is a gift that lasts a lifetime (I started as a the real bottom line is, congrats on opening the world of watersports up to your kids!!!!

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    Default Considering Moomba

    Quote Originally Posted by ICTVillain View Post
    Hello Moomba Forum participants - My name is Nick and I am currently building a house on a ~70 acre ski/wake boarding lake in Wichita, Ks.

    The lake allows for 21 foot boats (the swim platform can go beyond 21 feet if it is removable).

    I have a young family (Two children under the age of 3) and I am trying to identify the best value boat that would accommodate surfing and wake boarding. Since this is for my home, items such as storage are not a huge consideration.

    I began my search by looking for used Mastercraft 205V's, but I have not been able to find one that makes sense. Recently, I went to the local dealer (This dealer carries Moomba, Axis, Malibu, and Mastercraft). The only boat in stock that might work is an X2, but >$70k is beyond what my wife would consider... The only Moomba in stock was a Mojo. I really liked the look of it and found via further research that Moomba makes the Mondo and Outback which would work on my lake.

    I would love to find a used Outback V, but if not a dealer in Oklahoma has new Mondo that seems priced well and might be worth making the two hour drive to test it out.

    My questions:
    1) Besides cosmetics - what are the most significant differences between the Mondo and Outback V?
    2) With the Mondo - what are the must have options? I have trouble believing that anything stock will be desirable....
    3) Would you make a different recommendation to a family purchasing their first boat (with little surf/wakeboarding experience)

    Thanks in advance!

    Hello Nick,

    Your story sounds really familiar. I believe I was given the details of your situation this weekend. I would highly encourage you to make the drive down to Crosstimbers on Skiatook to try out the Mondo.

    I will also add that if the 21'6 is acceptable for your lake I have a 2013 LSV for sale that is at Crosstimbers also and you could test it out too.
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    The Mondo will be the boat for you, if you liked the Mojo. Same style in a smaller package. We have about 45 hours on ours and just one small transducer issue, she has been great.

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    Thank you for the feedback - it is a small world!

    My HOA just indicated that a <22' boat would work. That brings the LSV into the discussion. It also brings 2004 Supra SSV into the discussion as well (I liked the boat, but was under the impression that it was too long). Does anybody have experience with the SSV?

    I appreciate every single post in response to my original questions. It has been very informative and helpful (especially winksonthewake)! Thank you, Nick Begley

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    Drive the Mondo!
    2014 Moomba Mondo - Exile Tower/Sub/ZLD/EXBT4/Amps (2x), Hertz Cabin - Evolution Cover - 650 IBS, 900s Rear, Center Hard Tank, Flow
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    that changes things a tad. if you can get a 22ft boat on the lake, I'd say get the biggest boat you can afford/fit. you won't be sorry. I had the shorter, narrower and less freeboard version and loved it. would be a tough decision between mondo and 22ssv.. nothing against the lsv but that's what I'd shop if it was my $$ and if I found a mint ssv, it's what I would bring home. not sure if you have a lead on a 2004 but they made many different years of that boat. I'd look for a newer one. they are a sweet boat.
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    I was out today in my mondo with 8 kids 4 adults... all kids were under 12. We were maxed out but not completely squished... we surfed wakeboarded and it was perfect... love my mondo!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandm View Post
    that changes things a tad. if you can get a 22ft boat on the lake, I'd say get the biggest boat you can afford/fit. you won't be sorry. I had the shorter, narrower and less freeboard version and loved it. would be a tough decision between mondo and 22ssv.. nothing against the lsv but that's what I'd shop if it was my $$ and if I found a mint ssv, it's what I would bring home. not sure if you have a lead on a 2004 but they made many different years of that boat. I'd look for a newer one. they are a sweet boat.
    Yes, it is 2004 with 320 hours and $30k asking price. Hull & Trailer are in great shape. The interior isn't perfect (some fading and three tears/punctures on cushions).

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    Gorgeous supra 21v for sale in the classifieds.

    Low hours
    A Day at the Lake...Priceless
    A Day in Powder...Endless

    Joe V
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